About Aboud

Fiona Aboud, 1976, USA/Brazil, works and lives in New York.  She came to photography through a love for people, culture and a fascination for how we perceive ourselves and the world.   

Her work has been exhibited on 4 continents and published in Time Magazine, Sports Illustrated, The New York Times Magazine, New York Magazine and many other publications.

Her fine art work was originally inspired by photographers like Edward Curtis who documented a group of people whose culture was in danger of disappearing (Native Americans.)  This mind set inspired her projects about the Queens of Carnival and Sikhs: An American Portrait.  

More recently her work has become more abstract dealing with our inner thoughts and asking questions about how we perceive and process our identity.  With her project “Imperception” she creates a visual allegory for our distorted self-perception by using a projected image into water and then photographing that projection.  



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Photo by Dan Winters

Photo by Dan Winters